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Detmold 2007


2004 / 101’ / 35 mm / Color / Turkey

Director: Ahmet Uluçay
Script: Ahmet Uluçay
Music: Ender Akay, Alper Tunga Demirel
Cinematography: İlker Berke
Art Direction: Pınar Kesen, Fatoş Acar
Editing: Mustafa Preşeva
Cast: İsmail Hakkı Taslak, Kadir Kaymaz, Gülayşe Erkoç, Aysel Yılmaz, Boncuk Yılmaz, Hasbiye Günay, Mustafa Çoban, Fizuli Caferof
Producer: Ezel Akay, Serkan Çakarer, Serdar Tahiroğlu
Production Company: İFR A.Ş
World Sales: İFR A.Ş
Phone: +90 212 324 7624   Fax : +90 212 324 7636 E- Mail: film@ifr.com.tr


Tepecik, a small Anatolian village in the 60s …
Recep and Mehmet are two village boys that take apprenticeship jobs in summer in a town called Tavsanli near their village. Recep is working for a watermelon salesman, and Mehmet is apprentice to a barber. They are both crazy about movies. Due to their passion, they are trying to build a make-shift film projector in an old stable in the village on the one hand, and dreaming of becoming film-directors with the hope that this will dramatically change their lives, on the other. The madman of the village, Crazy Omer, is the only witness to and supporter of their passion.




He was born in 1954 in Tepecik. Village connected to the district Tavşanlı of Kütahya. His school life finished after he completed elementary school. He was introduced to the cinema in 1960’s when a traveling cinema came to the primary school of the village. Between the ages of 12-14, he and his friend İsmail Mutlu continued their infatuation with the cinema, which they developed with the making of a wooden cinema machine. After many experiments and determined effort, by showing clipped films found in the garbage of the town’s cinema in an old abandoned barn to the villagers. In 1994, with an old video camera he bought from Turk who Works in Germany he filmed his first movie “Optical Dreams”. All of the films of which he was the scriptwriter and director have been shown at international festivals and have been given many awards. He also wrote about the cinema for “Radikal Newspaper” and “Antrakt Cinema Magazine”. He is still living in Tepecik village.